Chilli Sambal and Kiribath
Prep Time:
15 Minutes
Ready In:
30 Minutes
Srilankan Kiribath - Milk Rice
1 cup short grained rice
2 cups water
1 cup thick coconut milk
salt to taste

Srilankan Vegetarian Chilli Sambal - Lunu Miris
1 cup peeled small/pearled red onions, peeled
3-4 dried red chillies (or) 2-3 tbsp red chilli powder (as per taste)
juice of a small lemon
salt to taste

1)In a pan/electric rice cooked, add rice and water and cook until most of the water has been absorbed.

2)Add the coconut milk and cook for few minutes more until the rice becomes creamy.

Meanwhile, in a skillet saute the onions and red chillies with little salt for few seconds.

rind it up into a coarse paste along with lemon juice

I saute it for the purpose of avoiding the strong onion taste. Traditionally its not done in this manner - at least the online resources don't.


Cool the rice well and press it down to level it in a dish.

Cut it into diamond shapes and serve along with Lunu Miris.

Simple wasnt it? Sometimes the most simplest of dishes can be so delightful to the senses! This one sure was to me. Special thanks to Siri for introducing this cuisine to me.


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