Pastrmajllija By Shtip
Prep Time:
1 Hour
Ready In:
1 Hour 1 Minute
Stipski pastrmajlija

1 krr. flour
30 rp. yeast
6 eggs
800 gr. pig meat

mix the yeast with a little warm water to flood. Mix the flour with warm water and a little salt, put the yeast tidal and knead the dough well be secondary to soft. Leave it to flood. When the flood again knead the dough go and divide 8 balls. Take one at a ball smash it on the table by hand so that the ends remain thicker as skinny. Shred meat in tiny cubes. Put the meat in 1 teaspoon of oil and put it over the dougn and place in oven to bake. When they are half-baked remove from oven through each peace pastrmajlija broken after 1 egg. Replace in oven and bake again. As will be baked Wrap each pastrmajlija into aluminum foil then napkin so the can become sot. Served with joryrt.


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