Newari Food Roti Chatamari
Prep Time:
45 Minutes
Cook Time:
30 Minutes
Ready In:
15 Minutes
As many other Nepali food Chatamari is very popular not only in Newari people in Kathmandu, but also in other ethnic people in Nepal. Because of growing popularity of Chatamai some of the cleaver restaurant entrepreneurs have given the name like Chatamari Restaurant to promote Chatamari and business. Even we can see Chatamari recipe in most of the restaurants in Kathmandu and in the famous places of Nepal. Chatamari is also called Newari Roti, which is made by rice flour. Chatamari is used in ritual ceremony like “Guthi” in Newari community.
onsumers, Chatamari is served with meat topping, egg topping and even plain Chatamari. Chatamari seems like South Indian food like “Dosa” in many extents because both the Chatamari and Dosa is made by rice flour.


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