Stuffed Peppers
Prep Time:
45 Minutes
Ready In:
1 Hour 1 Minute
6 green bell peppers
1lb. hamburger
half an onion
couple of baby portobello mushrooms
1/8 tsp garlic salt
1 cup cooked rice
one 15oz. can of tomato sauce
mozzarella cheese
Step 1

Cut the tops off of the green bell peppers, seed, and remove the white pulp. Don't even think about wasting the tops! Cut them up for the salad and for a yummy snack.
Step 2

A shot of the rest of the peppers which were the wrong size, or too good for stuffed peppers.
Step 3

Brown 1lb. hamburger beef with half an onion chopped.
Step 4

Cut up a couple of baby portobello mushrooms in to whatever size you want.
Step 5

Add the chopped portobello mushrooms when the hamburger beef has about 3 minutes left.
Step 6

A shot of cooking the burger, rice and boiling some water.
Step 7

Strain the burger.
Step 8

The spices to season the hamburger beef, 1/8 tsp garlic salt, 1tsp salt.
Step 9

Add 1 cup cooked rice and one 15oz. can of tomato sauce.
Step 10

Blanch the green bell peppers in boiling water for 5 minutes.
Step 11

Stir the hamburger beef, rice, and tomato sauce together. Heat if needed.
Step 12

Fill peppers with the mixture.
Step 13

Cover with aluminum foil. And cook for 45 min @ 350F.
Step 14

After 45 minutes, remove the foil and top the hamburger stuffed peppers with mozzarella cheese. Cook for 15 more minutes.
Step 15

Here is a shot of the hamburger / beef stuffed peppers with rice and covered with mozzarella cheese.
Step 16

My yummy meal. Beef stuffed bell peppers with rice, a salad of romaine, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers (told you we didn't waste them!), grape tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, and Caesar vinaigrette /w parmesan dressing.


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