Romanian Snowballs in Sweet Milk
Prep Time:
30 Minutes
Ready In:
35 Minutes
4 eggs
150 g sugar
1200 ml milk
1 vanilla powder
1. Separate the egg yolks from egg white.
2. Using a mixer make a hard foam of egg whites.
3. Add 50 g of sugar to the foam and mix well.
4. Put 700 ml milk in a pot and heat it.
5. When the milk boils, using a spoon, put the egg white foam in the milk ( they will look like dumplings).
Leave it for a minute, then boil the other side .
6. When the egg white foam is boiled, take them out from milk and place them in a strainer/colander.
7. Put the egg yolks, 100 g of sugar and vanilla powder in a bowl and stir until is well blended.
8. Add 500 ml milk to this content; stir again until is well blended.
9. Filter the milk in which you boiled the egg white foam.
Put the filtered milk into another pot and boil again at low heat .
Add the egg yolk diluted with milk into the boiling milk and stir continuously.
Boil until you get a creamy content ( about 10 minutes )
10. When it's ready, pour the content in a bowl and let it cool down.
11. Then place the boiled egg white foam on surface of the cream.


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