Dal Bhat of Nepal
Prep Time:
30 Minutes
Ready In:
40 Minutes
-Gram Dal
-Toor Dal
-Beans Dal
-Masoor Dal
-Mung Dal
Ingredients for Dal:
-Any sorts of preferred Dal
-Two Whole Red chilies
-Ginger-Garlic paste
-Oil or Ghee
-Finely chopped red Onion
-Finely chopped tomatos
-Turmeric poweder
-Chili powder as per requirement
-Salt pepper to seasoning
-Finely chopped coriander
First of all Steam the Dal in Pressure-Cooker, then put the wok on fire, put some ghee on wok and let it hot, after that put whole red chilies on it. Gradually add chopped onion and let it be golden brown, similarly follow ginger and garlic paste, Masala, turmeric powered, finely chopped tomato, chili powder and salt pepper to taste. Add some water if require and make it puree. Finally, sprinkle the coriander leaf as a garnish and flavor
Curries and meats are always the best accompaniments with Dal Bhat. Similarly, pickle can be used as appetizer.


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