Prep Time:
1 Hour
Ready In:
1 Hour
400 g Raw American flour
1/2 Coconut scraped (1 1/2 Cup of dedicated coconut)
3 Teaspoon Salt water
1 Cup Called water
6 Small red onions sliced
2 Dry chillies
3-4 Teaspoon Margarine or oil
Sieved raw American flour, mix with scraped coconut and salt water in a bowl.Add some cold water and mix up to a suitable consistency that will leave the bowl.If desired add the sliced onions and cut dry chillies.Make 6-8 equal balls.

Grease a plantain leaf or oil paper with a little margarine or oil. Flatten an even , round Roti and then apply just a little margarine or oil on top.

Heat a flat pan, put the Roti on it. When one side is baked, turn over to the other side and bake.

Serve with Chilly Paste, Seeni Sambol, Fish or Beef Curry.
If Roti is made without onions and chillies, butter and sugar and jam may be served with the roti.


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