Prep Time:
2 Minutes
Ready In:
2 Minutes
1 large head of cabbage (1.5 -2 kg) 1 kg miješanog minced 2-3 tablespoons chopped bacon and / or ham 150 gr riže 2 glavice luka leaf parsley 1 egg 1 tsp 25 grsoli vegeta 1 teaspoon pepper, or more to taste dried meat bacon, dry skin, ribs, etc. krmenadl fresh meat, neck or meaty pork neck meat from the bones and the like bay leaves, peppercorns
Stew the finely chopped onion and bacon
Add the washed rice and short dinstajte, to sparkle ...
add the minced meat, stir once and change color remove from heat let cool
stir the meat, onion, bacon, rice, egg, chopped parsley, spices, let it sit for a bit, then stir again
Separate cabbage leaves and cut the thickness, if necessary rinse under cold water
Roll each sarma sized taste at my first major and less, but it does not matter ...
Meats from leaves, and the rest of the heads of cabbage finely chopped and put it on the bottom part of the pot, the rest between sarma
stack cabbage rolls in a circle and between the dried meat, etc ...
put up (to taste) fresh meat and / or meat bones
add bay leaf and peppercorns
Pour the sauce (or just water)
cook for about 2 hours, add water as needed


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