Prep Time:
2 Hours 12 Minutes
Ready In:
3 Hours 9 Minutes
3 sprouts approx 750g each
1kg pork meat toccata
125g rice
3 onions
3 tomatoes
1 packet lemon salt
Salt, pepper, paprika to taste
A dried dill
3 bay leaves
Peel onion, chop finely and put to cook in oil. When onion becomes glassy add a teaspoon of paprika and stir. When onion is enough quality still add rice and cook about 2 more minutes.
Put ground pork in a bowl, add salt and pepper to taste and stir. Over this mixture add onion and rice tempered and cooled in advance, stirring mixture until smooth.
In a pot, 2l introduce water Saram taste and put the heat to boiling. In this raw juice of cabbage leaves scalded. Introduce them one by one into the water and leave them until they become soft enough to run sarmaua.
For filling stuffed cabbage or cabbage leaves can be used whole, or if they are too large cut in two. Stretch leaf on wood, put a tablespoon of filling on the leaf and then wrap sarmaua. Sarmaua not need to be wrapped at both ends, do not spread the filling if a pack at one end.


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