Open-face Tomato-Feta-Basil Sandwich
Prep Time:
10 Minutes
Cook Time:
2 Minutes
Ready In:
15 Minutes
1 piece of 100% Whole Wheat or Oatmeal Bread
2 Slices of Feta Cheese
2 Fresh Basil Leaves Whole
Basil Olive Oil (lightly drizzle)
2 Slices of Jersey Tomato
Dash of Foccia Seasonings (Romano cheese, dehydrated garlic, spices and salt)

Lightly drizzle the basil olive oil on to the piece of whole wheat bread. Do not drown the bread or cover the bread entirely. Just do a couple of drops and then spread it around with your finger (make sure your hands are clean). Place the piece of toast in the toaster. While the bread is toasting prepare your two slices of feta cheese and two slices of Jersey tomatoes. The thickness of each slice is entirely personal; I prefer a thicker slice of tomato and thinly sliced feta. Once the bread is done put it on a plate and add a dash of the Foccia seasoning. Start layering the bread with a piece of tomato, basil, then feta and repeat.


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