Prep Time:
20 Minutes
Cook Time:
15 Minutes
Ready In:
24 Hours 24 Minutes
- Grape or pomegranate juice - 1 liter.(fresh with pulp)
- Wheat flour - half a cup.
- Nuts peeled (walnuts, hazelnuts) - 500 g
- Also you'll need a strong needle and thick cotton thread for stringing nuts.
1)The Nuts
Take a thread about 30 cm long with a needle and strung the nuts on it. You can string together whole nuts or half nuts (then ambrexelle be thinner or require more dipping it in juice).Leave about 5 cm of the upper end of the thread free after stringing. When done, fix the upper end of the thread by the end of the match; wrap the match with the thread and tie.
2)Juice for the ambrexelle
Mix the flour with about a half cup of juice slowly, stirring well to avoid lumps. Pour the rest of the juice into a pan and put on a small fire. Periodically stir the juice, and when it boils, add the mixture of flour and juice. Continue to stir. Juice should be boiled till it's very thick and jelly. Let the juice cool to about 50 degrees Celsius. After that get a thread with nuts and drop it in the pan for a minute and a half, all nuts must be covered with juice. Take out the thread,let it dry for five minutes - during which time dip into the juice the remaining threads with nuts. Then repeat the procedure for each thread a few times, until nuts are covered with a layer of juice 1.5-2 cm.
3) After all this Ambrexelles can be dried. They should dry hanging by their buttom,the 5cm nut-free rope that we have left previously should be covered with juice and facing the floor. Actually, it is dried for several weeks, so that the top layer of hardened sap, and inside ambrexelle remained soft. But you can eat the yummy the same day, if you really want to. When it's ready and well dried you can pull out the thread from the buttom of the ambrexelle by pulling the thread and in the same time pressing well with your fingers on that buttom to ensure that the thread will be the only thing to come out and the nuts will remain inside the ambrexelle.


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