Prep Time:
5 Minutes
Ready In:
5 Minutes
* 1 tbsp raspberry vinegar – I used Napa Valley Vinegar Co. Raspberry Vinegar
* 4 tbsp olive oil
* 1 tbsp honey – you could use agave nectar, jam or jelly, or fresh & sweet raspberries
* 1 tsp ground mustard
* sprinkle freshly cracked pepper
* sprinkle chili flakes
* sprinkle of sea salt
* 1/2 tsp minced parsley – optional: you could add garlic, chives, scapes, basil, oregano or onion in your salad
1. In a bowl, combine the Napa Valley Vinegar Co. Raspberry Vinegar, honey, ground mustard, pepper, olive oil, chili flakes, sea salt and whisk until all ingredients are well emulsified.

2. At this time you could add some of the optional ingredients such as garlic, chives, scapes, basil, oregano or onion, and then continue to whisk until all is incorporated.
* Note: I am adding about 1/2 tsp chopped parsley for my vinaigrette, and whisking again to make sure it is well combined.

3. You can correct the proportions to your own particular liking at this time.
* Remember: Whisk again if you add ingredients.

4. Taste and adjust seasonings to your liking. In my case, I added just a touch more of the raspberry vinegar, for my recipe, and re-whisked.

5. Serve drizzled over your salad and enjoy the outstanding flavor of this delightful vinaigrette.
I know you will want to learn How to Make Napa Valley Raspberry Vinaigrette because it is such a tangy and delicious dressing for almost any salad.

You could use this vinaigrette hot or cold as well.

My Napa Valley Vinegar Co. Raspberry Vinegar that was used for this vinaigrette comes out of Napa Valley from Wine Country Kitchens.

It contains real raspberry puree and wine vinegar in this ruby colored vinegar, so this vinaigrette has a luscious color too.

On this day, I served a beautiful, fresh Romaine lettuce salad with this amazing Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Of course, the lettuce came from my local Harvest Barn Country Market in Niagara-on-the-Lake. They have another location is St. Catharines here in Southern Ontario, and can be found online at Harvest Barn.ca.

I served this Napa Valley Raspberry Vinaigrette over a crisp Romaine Salad with Turkey Breast, Blue Potatoes & Chevre, and it was a real hit with my family.

This beautiful Raspberry Vinegar is made by Napa Valley Vinegar Co. @ WineCountryKitchens.com where they offer a whole line of amazing fruit vinegars such as Chardonnay Peach, Champagne Pear, Cherry Cabernet, Blood Orange and Sweet Mango.

I have tried all of these vinegars, and really like them all, but I can’t make up my mind as to which is my favorite. They are all outstanding.

This show is brought to you by Wine Country Kitchens – They bring the Napa Valley…to your table.

You’ll make this Napa Valley Raspberry Vinaigrette over & over and find new uses for it all the time.


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