Prep Time:
7 Minutes
Ready In:
7 Minutes
* 1 1/2 tbsp peach vinegar – I used Napa Valley Vinegar Co. Chardonnay Peach Vinegar.
* 2 tbsp BBQ sauce – I used Napa Jack’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce.
* 4 1/2 tbsp olive oil
* 1 tbsp agave nectar – honey, peach jam or jelly is okay
* 1 tsp ground mustard
* a sprinkle of chili flakes
* about 1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper
* sprinkle of sea salt
1. In a small bowl, add in ground mustard, chili flakes, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and combine with chardonnay peach vinegar, agave nectar, bourbon BBQ sauce and olive oil.
2. Whisk together all ingredients thoroughly. Add in any additional spices or herbs you desire and whisk again.
3. Taste and correct seasonings to your liking.
4. Serve on your favorite salads and enjoy.
You’re going to absolutely love this recipe for How to Make Napa Jack’s Peach Bourbon BBQ Vinaigrette on so many different salads.

This new experience with a dressing that has it all will quickly become one of your go-to vinaigrettes.

The sweetness of the peach with the richness of bourbon, and combined with BBQ sauciness, this is a winning salad dressing that will surely make you smile.

In this recipe, I’m using Napa Valley Vinegar Co. Chardonnay Peach Vinegar, which is so tasty with the fresh, juicy flavor of ripe peaches and a nice tang.

Also, Napa Jack’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce is so very versatile, not only on meats, but even in such things as a salad dressing. It’s good on everything I’ve tried it on.

The Napa Valley Vinegar Co. Chardonnay Peach Vinegar & Napa Jack’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce are from Wine Country Kitchens, where they offer full lines of bright, fruit puree with fine wine vinegars, as well as dark deeply flavored BBQ Sauces:

* WineCountryKitchens.com

How to Make Napa Apple Jack Salad with Peach Bourbon BBQ Vinaigrette - cookingwithkimberly.comWe happen to be serving a healthy Napa Apple Jack Salad with this fabulous vinaigrette.

You could spoon the dressing over top or allow each diner to do this themselves.

This dressing is fruity, laced with a bit of liquor, and has a sweet, tangy, smokiness that comes from the BBQ sauce.

This show is brought to you by Wine Country Kitchen – They bring the Napa Valley…to your table!

You will just love making this Napa Valley Peach Bourbon BBQ Vinaigrette – your taste buds will prove it.


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