African Mukimo
Prep Time:
2 Hours 30 Minutes
Ready In:
45 Minutes
8 medium sized Potatoes, Two fresh corns, 1/4 kg beans, 2 cups green peas, Onions, 3 tomatoes, I royco cube, Cooking fat, salt to taste.
Stage 1: boiling
Boil the maize, beans and peas until properly cooked in a way that the beans and peas crush on little pressure when placed between fingers.

Stage 2: mixing and re-boiling
Peal the potatoes and boil them whole. Add the previously cooked maize, beans and peas and allow the potatoes to boil until they crush if slightly tapped using a spoon. Add salt to taste.
Once done, filter out all the water and use a cooking stick to ponder the food to a thick uniform green paste.

Stage 3: frying
Take a clean sufuria and add the onions and cooking fat. Burn until the onions are golden brown. Chop the tomatoes into small pieces and add them to the cooking onions.
Cook until the tomatoes form a paste. Add the spices. (royco) Add the previously cooked food (mukimo) and. Mix well. Add a tinge of salt to taste. Cook for 3 minutes.

Served with meat stew, tea, vegetables, milk or plain.

Serve while hot.


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